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My Shingles began on the side of my forehead and involved my 

eye and traveled through my scalp to the base of my neck. I am a professor at a private, Christian College and  because of the

redness, swelling and intense pain, I was unable to fulfull my duties

in the classroom. Since the Shingles were close to my eye, there was great concern for it affecting my eyesight. Upon using Mirakel cream, the redness, swelling & oozing, caused by the Shingles, began to resolve and there was no damage to my eye. As my painful experience with Shingles is over, I was left with NO SCARRING!


Lance Beauchamp

Tallahassee, FL

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I attempted to help the male dog breed he turned and severely bit me     on my forearm. I put Betadine on my bite that afternoon. But I was still     in   pain and was in a mess. Then I realized I had Tony's product, Mirakel.   I remember he told me it worked on fever blisters, burns and other skin disorders. I immediately started applying Tony's product to my arm.             I can't stress enough this was by no means a small dog bite. It was as deep and wide as a gunshot wound. As soon as I applied Tony's product pain went away in just a matter of minutes. I was shocked especially because without a doubt I needed stitches. I really didn't really want to   go to the hospital. Within a few days after I started applying the product   I began to notice my wound got smaller and start scabbing over. Within   3 weeks my forearm was completely healed. I sincerely believe if I had gotten stitches my scar would have been worse. I highly recommend Mirakel that Tony Gay has developed. I truly have never  seen any  product as good as-Mirakel not even prescription medicine. 

Roger Wommack

Cadwell, GA

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I have been told I need knee replacement.                                       My knees are bone on bone and I have arthritis in both knees.   I rub Mirakel in deep to the knee that is hurting for about 2-3 minute and the pain goes away and usually does not flare up again for a few days.

Lisa Hunter

Dublin, Ga



While drag racing my motorcycle exploded into flames. My protective leathers melted into my skin on the back  of both thighs. I was air lifted to Augusta for treatment. Not seeing a lot of improvement in a week I was given Mirakel to try. Initially,upon application it burned slightly, but within minutes it was the best my legs had felt since the accident. Also amazed to say I have no scars.

Lance Hines

Dublin, Ga



While trying to light a sparkler, I accidentally ignited the whole box. This severely burned my hand. I went to the E.R. in Dublin, GA. The doctor told me that I would     need to visit the burn center in Augusta, GA and prescribed me pain medication       and antibiotics, along with the prescription drug Silvadene. However, I did not           have insurance to visit the burn center, so I began regularly applying Silvadene. 

My wife, Tammy, came home the night of July 6, 2015 from her job at Wal-Mart and told me about a gentleman named Tony Gay who had been coming in to the store. That night he had come in to speak with her and ask her how she was doing. She told him that she was doing well but explained my situation (the burn and the E.R. visit). Tony told Tammy about a product that he had developed about ten years earlier. He explained that it had helped many people with burns and other skin problems. He told Tammy that he thought his product would work for me and that he would get some of the product to us at no charge. 

The next day, July 7, 2015, at around 2:00 p.m we called Tony to meet him. We met   him that day at Bluewater Baptist Church on Highway 441 South in Dublin, GA. I started applying Tony's product, Mirakel, to the severe burn on my hand. Within five minutes I felt the pain go away, and within eight hours every blister but one was gone. Within twenty-four hours the large blister that covered the back of my hand was also gone. After about seven days of using Mirakel, my burn had healed almost completely!  I am a painter, and I was quickly allowed to go back to work. 

In my case, the prescription drug Silvadene did not stop the pain, nor did it rid the itching or the blisters. I am so thankful that my wife, Tammy, was introduced to Mirakel by Tony Gay himself. This product is amazing! It was a God-sent miracle! I was in so much pain with my burn. I just couldn't get comfortable or get rest until I used Mirakel.   I highly recommend the product Mirakel.

Mike Britt

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I have observed the results of Mirakel Cream being used by one of the medical assistants in our medical practice who was going through radiation treatment for breast cancer. She was experiencing extreme pain and raw skin from the radiation with leaking fluid. 

Our employee stated that within a couple of days of using the Mirakel cream; she was feeling much relief from the pain and the sores were significantly improved with no leaking of fluid and the pain resolved. 

I was impressed with the results shown in the use of Mirakel Cream and will consider referring patients to use the cream for their skin issues. 

Dr. Vasavi Kavuri 

Dublin, GA

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We have begun using Mirakel Cream on our breast patients undergoing radiation treatment.

We have found when the cream is used aggressively patients skin tends to hold up well with delayed moist desquamation or no development at all. Utilizing it with application at least 3-4 times a day and not before their daily radiation treatments is where better results have been seen.

Dr. Erich Randolph

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