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Our creator, Tony Gay sees the possibilities in certain ingredients and how they might mix and work together in ways never formulated before. His initial vision was due to a personal concern. He set out to find a solution for his own skin issues. Traditional creams were not healing as quickly as Tony wanted.  He started his own creation of a formula by spending long hours mixing ingredients as the pioneers did to find a solution to expedite the healing process. 


The challenge was on, and Tony spent many years mixing, researching and testing and finally found the miracle combination that he now calls MIRAKEL! Tony began using the cream which led him to share with friends and family who had issues dealing with burns, sores, skin rashes, blisters, shingles, poison ivy, poison ivy and insect bites. The number of request continued to grow with the success of the Mirakel Cream that Tony was creating. 


As more friends and family continue to use Mirakel; the list of treatment options continued to grow!  Finally, Tony could no longer meet the request for his product.  A board of investors in Mirakel was formed involving those who knew of the success of Mirakel and wanted to be a part of the miracle healing cream. Some of the investors saw firsthand the results.


The company was created under the name of Sanvio, Inc. and consists of a ten-member board who can each attest to success stories. In other words; they are part of the Mirakel miracle because of their own personal stories. The corporate office is in Dublin, Georgia. The company will begin distribution of their product in 2022. 

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